Thursday, July 15, 2010


Now this tool will REALLY be helpful! Videos are such a great way to capture our students' attention. And obviously videos help make subject matter come alive. I don't know how to "embed" the video, so I'm going to try a hyperlink instead. As with some other assignments from 11 tools, I have found it difficult to "produce on command". When I am actually in school mode using these tools will make more sense and I won't have to rack by brain to come up with relevant topics. first video is a song about photosynthesis. I found it through Blinkx and it is a YouTube video. I always find that the kids remember things better when put to music! I did encounter buffering problems and the video stopped OFTEN while I was trying to preview it. Also, my internet connection must be slow today because when I was searching the pages took a really long time to load. And I found it annoying to listen to the M&M commercial each time I previewed a video. Is there a way around it? Probably not though, because advertising is what makes it a free website, right? My second video is about bullying. I think videos are not only a great way to talk about academic subjects, but social subjects as well. I like this video because it helps the kids to identify with the emotions they may be feeling. Also, junior high kids made is, so it shows our elementary students that big kids are having some of the same problems. Then it shows them how to turn it around!

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