Friday, July 2, 2010

Tool 4 google docs

I love the idea of google docs, however I feel pressured to create and share a document on cue. I currently don't have any documents in mind that need to be collaboratively worked on. Once the school year begins I could see our principal using google docs on our weekly staff news letters or sign-up for book fair, letters going home to parents, or volunteer forms. I especially LOVE the idea of my inbox not being flooded with emails containing changes and updates! WAHOO!
As for using google docs for student use, I see this as more helpful for older kids. In order to use google docs, you must have an email address and most of my 3rd graders don't have email. It would be nice to use google docs for grade level newsletters, but again not all parents have email addresses. And at point you are creating a google doc for part of the population, but still creating a hard copy for the others. It seems like it might be more work considering we can't confirm that everyone who needs to be reached, could be.

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