Monday, July 19, 2010

TOOL #11

With great power comes great responsibility! Responsibility on the part of the teacher and that of the student. I have been worrying about the safety of the students since this adventure began. I guess you will have to use the age old theory of gradual release. I would NOT feel like I had done my job correctly unless I began educating with the resources in tool 11, which is odd because it is our last tool! Like other aspects of life, it is impossible to hover and protect as they begin to explore technology on their own. All we can do is try our best to prepare them!
My three top priorities for digital citizenship would be:
* Treat others with respect (through commenting and other interactions)
* Never give out personal information
* Do your best work (edit) before publishing to the world!!

Before I begin teaching about digital citizenship I would access the students' prior knowledge and hear out their ideas about citizenship. Many of the best practices we use for classroom citizenship would overlap to the virtual world! Then I would use: BrainPop; Cool Cat Teacher; and Digiteen Digital Citizenship.


  1. Wow, Thank you for including me on your list!!
    Depending on the age, it is important to give empowerment. With the older kids, research and service learning like through Digiteen works very well.

    For younger kids, I've found that Woogi world is a great virtual world for teaching safety - particularly the stranger danger game.

    Hmmm - I'll have to look at brainpop again -I'd love a link to the lessons that you want to use!

  2. Marla, your three points are excellent. I want to focus on digital citizenship during September. Let's do this!

    In addition, I think we need to include parents in our digital citizenship and online safety piece.

    Way to go on completing your 11 Tools! I am here to help you, so please ask. Looking forward to "Learning on the Wild Side" with you in 2010-2011!