Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TOOL #2- Building Community

I LOVE the idea of being a part of a PLN! I mean who wouldn't? Who wouldn't want to grow and learn from other teachers!? It's like FREE professional development from the comfort of your couch!

I really like the idea of 'tagging' your comments for easy reference! This is helpful for the creater of the blog and the followers!

Do you have to be following a blog to comment on it?

I would like to follow Cool Cat Teacher, but I spent some time on her blog and only saw how to subscribe to her newsletter. The other blogs I have visited have a little 'follow' button to click. I couldn't find one on Vicki's...thoughts?

I also need to figure out how to access the 11 Tools Community of bloggers. As of now I follow/will comment on Chidgey's 11 Tools, Cooper's How I Spent My Summer, Snyder's Fairy Principal, Johnson's Journey, and Dunavin's Blogs a Blastin!


  1. You can subscribe to the Cool Cat Teacher's blog. You will learn how to use Google reader in tool #4. Once you have a google reader account you can add her blog to the ones you read regularly. Here is how to do it once you have Google Reader.
    Go to her blog. Click on the Subscribe tab. Click on the RSS orange thing. It will ask you how you are subscribing and you can pick your google account. It will go to your google reader. I love my google reader.

  2. I'm posting a comment here because unfortunately for me this is only as far as I have gotten. I didn't see how to subscibe to cool cat teacher's blog either but I did comment on it, so thanks to Robye's information, I'll try again.

  3. I love that you compared it to "free professional development from the comfort of your couch!" If only you could get PDLC hours for being an active member of a PLN...

  4. I also had a hard time finding where to follow cool cat teacher but did comment on a few posts. Hopefully it will all start coming together!